It’s a rainy day on the mountain, which I happen to love because it gives us a chance on the farm to pause, take a breath and do some of those indoor tasks that get pushed aside under the weight of 60 pounds of tomatoes that need to be canned right away. But there are also research projects to work on, blogs to be written and conversations to be had about food, health and our life here for the next month and a half. Even though it makes me sad to even think about leaving this beautiful farm so soon, I am already getting excited at the thought of working for a nonprofit next year and starting to teach what I have learned on this mountain over the last 6 months back out to the community.

Yesterday was really a key turning point for me in this phase of our program – we had an amazing workshop with Helen Brown (Jessa’s mother) that got me thinking about what a difference the eight of us could make over the course of the next year. As a public health nutritionist, Helen’s career has taken her many different directions, but because of this she has been able to develop a wide variety of skill sets and work on meaningful projects throughout the years.

Helen spoke to us about food and nutrition programs, and different ways to think about the health problems facing our communities.  She told us about what schools and parents are trying to do to make improvements to food choices for kids, and what obstacles they run up against in the system every day. She encouraged us to be creative, to get out in the community and see what people are doing locally, and to make sure that we’re always following our own dreams and interests so that we’re able to do the best work we can possibly do.

I’m really excited to dive further into Nutrition Programs AMS Helen shared with us, and to keep reading and researching about what people all over are doing to help their friends, neighbors and communities get healthy.  It’s an exciting time to be involved in developing sustainable local food systems and as always, I feel blessed and grateful to be a part of this amazing AMS program and team.

Cheers and good health – I’ll leave you with some pictures of us fellows from the last couple of weeks!

Last week as a change of pace we collected trash along Route 250
AMS participates in the adopt-a-highway program and goes on at least one cleaning spree each summer.

The beautiful Chelsea racking our mead at our mead workshop with our neighbor Bernice in Blue Grass Valley

A view of the gardens as the summer comes to a close and fall descends on the mountain


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